WordPress is an award-winning Content Management System, it is extremely powerful but remains simple to use. It is the ideal platform for a Web Developer, like me, to build a site that allows the customer to manage content.

If you have ever managed a site, you’ll know that without a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, you have to have knowledge of how to code or you have to pay somebody to make those little changes or correct a typo.

With WordPress, you don’t need any knowledge! Have you ever used Microsoft Word? Managing your website is as simple as editing a document.

Some WordPress Facts
So WordPress is a huge, powerful Content Management System that can be adapted and changed to meet the requirements of a massive number of Web Projects. But did you know:

There are around 80 Million website that use WordPress.
Around 15% of the top 1 Million websites (in terms of traffic) are powered by WordPress.
WordPress is here to stay, it is the Google within the CMS industry.

I have been building sites with WordPress for over 5 years, and offer a variety of WordPress services from simple theme customisations, to full bespoke design and builds.

Web Design

Website Design is so much more than making a site look great. If a site doesn’t function and flow, it’s as useless as a site that doesn’t look pleasing on the eye!

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a beautiful website is great, but it's pointless if nobody is coming to view it. I optimise sites to perform well on all of the major Search Engines. Organically growing a site takes time, but once you have the right recipe, your site will have every chance of being successful.


Any website I develop will come with WordPress as standard. WordPress is a content management system and allow you to manage your own content and site. This is a must for any site that is on todays World Wide Web

Responsive Design

All of the websites I work on come with a Fully Responsive Design. This means that they will look great on any device whether that is a PC or an iPhone.


 Are you looking for an online store? You've come to the right place. I can build your store, optimise it and promote it to get you well on your way to making money online!

Online Marketing

Getting people to come to your site is only half of the battle, getting them to keep coming back is the key to a successful website. By implementing certain techniques, you can not only drive traffic to your site, but get those visitors to keep coming back

Support & Maintenance

No need to worry that you might break your site performing updates or other key maintenance tasks. Keep your website safe with timely software updates. Protection from hackers and malicious code.

Social Media

Connecting with your audience via social media is important for any business, although to do this properly takes time, knowledge & resources. 

Domain & Hosting

Every website owner needs hosting, which is where all your computer files will reside and made available to your users via a browser.

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